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Registration Opens for 2014 NCADA State Conference (322/14-3/25/14)

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Hall of Famer “Babe Howell” Passes Away

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42nd NCADA State Conference

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Fred McDaniel - Receiving a Citation Award From NFHS


Minutes from Board Meetings


All Regions represented!

  • Moving fall sports except Football back one week.  Impact of late start? Suggestion: Move all back and start the same day.
  • Pay for Play?  Transportation expenses?          
  • Playoffs: number of Automatic Berths, % of qualifiers in split conferences, playing against lower competition to increase won loss record? One year trial period? Suggestion: (48 qualifiers) across the board including football.
  • Playoff Suggestion: Go to a point system to encourage teams to play the best competition if we are not predetermining playoff berths.
  • Lack of Communication with Athletic Director’s: all actions presented to NCHSAA Board of Directors should be after consensus of the Athletic Director’s. (e.g.) Football coaches suggestions taken to board without discussion with NCADA
  • Initiate limitations on length of practice and number of days for summer workouts (hydration and lack of coverage by ATC’s)           
  • Reduce number of games, (max of 20)  Initiate limits for all sports (i.e. wrestling, some schools are wrestling every weekend)
  • NC Wise:  Many concerns about the use of this software for eligibility.
  • Revisit and further investigate the 8 quarter proposal for football.
  • Provide more time at the NCADA State conference for Questions and Answers: Suggestion: Issue bin, write your questions on a piece of paper and post or write questions on a card and respond at the end of the presentation.

Respectfully Submitted, 

Roy Turner, CMAA